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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  November 15, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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news of 4:30 >> what a beautiful day, and i actually used my air- conditioning in november. the of record-breaking temperatures out there today. >> and in san jose 80 degrees? >> yes, your complete forecast coming up and san jose was close, and santa rosa was also war. in downtown san francisco was a record high. the 80s for a number of locations and even the we are going down. 80 degrees in santa rosa, 82 degrees in san rafael. and through san francisco, we also reached the this afternoon. and it is going to start cooling closer to the coastline. however, we are seeing a few degrees warmer than yesterday. hayward, fremont, and also to show you that we've been keeping this warm weather for the next couple of days. it is also been fairly breezy. with 1,500 ft., and
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that is not transmitted down to the surface but a but a bit breezy in napa. with 12 mph in novado, and also keeping us warmer. they could die dollar overnight. and this evening, clear, mild, and in the 60s. it will be mild start, and mostly for tomorrow morning. and as we lose the wind, will have things to having things cool down, and mainly in the 60s, 70's tomorrow. let us take a look of those temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood in big changes! which are full report coming up in just a bit. >> to teenagers have been arrested of attacking a san bruno motorcyclists. she was riding a motorcycle, and she was going home from santa cruz on a sunday and shot with a pellet gun. if dr. offer motorcycle and two teenagers she was critical
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issue is not killed. >> to:30, i was following my girlfriend and it was 2:30 i came around this quarter. and i felt it, and took my glove off. and i saw that it was g to bleedin profusely, and i called my husband to stand by, did not go anywhere because i was probably going to need him. and i did not know at that point that i've been and shot. my hand was here. two figures on the throttle, and these two fingers on the break. that is why this figure blew up. and if you notice, there is blood stained on the this tassel. when parents give children a debt to weapons and do not supervise them or keep it under lock and key? it seems that in today's day and age children should not have access to any type of firearm. for weapons. i want those boys to learn the
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lesson and understand that they could ever ruined my life. >> and she says that at the investigators agree. she is not the only victim. another motorcyclist just behind was also shot and hit in the kneecap. again, the teenagers have been arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. immigration authorities for now put of the deportation of nursing student. he was scheduled to go to back to peru. senator dianne feinstein intervened at the last minute asking immigration officials to halt immigration. they want to week to congress called the " dream act " and if it passes? undocumented immigrants to stay if they enter the country before age 15 and attended college. the california supreme court upheld a state law that allows any student, regardless of immigration status to qualify for the cheaper in-state tuition
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rate. that is if they attended a california high school for at least three years. and unanimously, it was upheld the university of california is actively recruiting of of state international students. to make more money, and to bring in $23,000 per year compared to only $11,000 for an instant president. and with the nine uc campuses, recruiting, and with the california budget crisis, recruiting from ucla have gone as far as china, japan, singapore. >> this just in to the kron 4 news room san francisco police have arrested five different people in connection with the recent series of pepper spray robberies. the violence reduction team has going around the city to locate city's vesuspects vehicls coming into adults, and three are juveniles. also, they recovered some of the items and a been stolen property. reporting live in the news from cough dan
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kerman. >> and this will give you an idea. of of east on, 152. santa clara county, that is a man does not appear to be involved in the crest they do not know why this fire started. these is callseems to be suspicious. >> and also, and officer crashed today earlier, the changchased a driver, involving a police officer. . and the driver ran from the scene and is still on the loose. >> and a homeless man was detained with the murder enrichment early this morning. officers called to the 2700 block of wreck of the boulevard. a man in his 40's, nearly a homeless encampment, a domestic dispute involving a man, woman and another second man might intervene in killed the victim. iran and
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proceedings for the man killing a nurse. in the contra costa jail, and i arraignment--and he was booked last month. he said he faked a seizure and detect the nurse with a lamp. died from her injuries. three days later. originally, he was arrested on burglary and now he is charged with murder. 7 7 >> we've an update on the california attorneys race still no definitive winner. however, the d.a., pamela harris has taken a lead, a small lead over los angeles steve cooley. and only two tenths of one percent separating them. and officials are still counting, and the absentee ballots. these final results might not be known until thanksgiving. cellphones and classrooms have become controversial at a local high school. and since the
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high school was getting difficult. using them in class. and daniel villareal host to this are reacting. >> it benicia high school, people are getting their cellphones taking away. the punishment and less of to one year and some of the parents say that it is too extreme. >> for one week, they're taken a firm stance against cellphones taking them away from students. it is not uncommon. however, they are getting taken away and it is creeping controversy. for a first offense, it is that friday at 3:00 p.m. after that, repeat offenders can have their phone taken away for one semester and even to the end of the school year. they are saying that the punishment is too harsh and their children need to have these phones so they can communicate with your child will they are at school. or, in case of an emergency. child to tap school is saying that the our major destruction, and also make use to cheat. these new
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rules with the dunces of commons to the phones, and in agreement with the new rule is, there will keep him away, to avoid compensatiocompen confiscation >> and also, the need sunday is the official start of the soft shell crabs season. some of them are small. and the fisherman said the the need to be larger. and with 20 percent of the body weight to made of the fat meat. this runs until june 30th. >> elected traffic in san jose this is the 101 near the guadeloupe. and in all directions it is going quite well, stay with us purif. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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>> in new delhi, a five story building has been collapsed. many people colla trapp under the
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debris, and they're trying to dig to that with the equipment. with poor construction material in in adequate foundation are often blamed for building collapses in the country of india. by year. in an apartment building. >> in china, in the middle of the shanghai, this help happened under renovation, and on the scaffolding, this building has a number of retired teachers. the government says that 80 trucks were called out and between four, six hours to put out that fire. >> the initial investigation of a deadly explosion at a mexican resort is focused on a mixed of gasoline from a nearby swamp. this explosion at the grand riviera princess hotel in playa de carmen, killed five canadian tourists, and u.s. citizens injured, and
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workers also killed. >> with rainfall returning in the forecast this week ended your full details are coming up right after the break. verizon's your home for samsung galaxy.
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go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? 7 7 >> a live look outside at the golden gate with sunny skies and the sunshine is starting to set. even record-breaking temperatures. through and the rest of the week a cooling trend on tap. by friday, that rainfall will return to the forecast so enjoy this. with low 80s and even in napa, 79 degrees still pretty mild. 821 san rafael, and 70 degrees in san francisco. 82 degrees in the san rafael-- >> and the warm, dry air over the west coast it is going well to the north. it is start going to start to break down by friday. and as temperatures get back down to the west coast. , it will
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still be sunny, mild and a little cooler. 73 degrees in santa rosa, 69 degrees in san rafael. and low 70's to the delta and inland valleys. and more 70's. redwood city, in the '70s and fremont, 73 in san jose. as to make your way towards friday. the rain will approach the bay area by the afternoon and the chance for a light sprinkle some of north bay by 1:00 p.m. on friday and a better chance of widespread showers by 9:00 p.m. one evening on friday. freddies let showers. have your rainfall is going to-friday will have showers--and heavy rainfall approaching the north bay. right now, the computer model is showing it systems to the east of us. however, that could change again, mild conditions tomorrow and a cooling trend starting tomorrow and lasting to the rest of the week. by friday, looked at those
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temperatures! back down to the '50s, and through this weekend. plus the rain, and shower activity on friday and heavier rain fall with windy conditions as well. cooling conditions so enjoy this nice weather would got. 7 7 >> in national news, the federal government's is a record number of american households have a difficult find for food last year. some are forced to go hungry because of poverty. >> the agriculture calls it food insecurity. being unable to get enough to meet their needs. it affected 17 million homes. nearly 50 percent of all americans and 1 million parents reported having difficulty. -50 percent of all americans. and the u.s. the 8-15%--and ust is the tracking number and the amount of food insecurity is steady at 11
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percent of the economic recession began in 2007. and it spiked by one-third. the bottom line is that it represents an extreme food insecurity. with skipping meals for one day at the time. the agricultural department's says that these could even but higher if congress did not expand the food assistance program. last year, about one-fifth of the population benefited from at least one of these. >> the usda is noting not even in the including the homeless so the problem is even bigger. monterey deputies are looking for a suspect accused of raping a woman over the weekend. at a home in pebble beach on friday night. a sheriff reported that that a man broke into a home and rassaulted her, and the woman is suffering injuries to her head. >> and an investigation of a
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debt in napa, shot during a hunting trip yesterday. - test death. at the san 44 year-old daniel was pheasant hunting with two friends and his 11 year-old son when this happened. investigators are not sure who was responsible for this shooting but clearly it is a tragic accident. >> a quick look at this traffic moving pretty well. the only slow point is getting on to the lower deck of the beeper-. the rest is looking pretty good lord back-to-of the bridge, stay with us. [ male announcer ] whether you're new to california
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middle schools/high school. when it comes to the use of marijuana prolonged use by teenagers can lead to a permanent decreases of iq. and with alcohol can also affect the production of strep hormone that can affect what it they can lead to anxiety, depression. catherine? >> thank you. and new bocce ball. along the embarcadero, there's mayor gavin newson. and officials are going to say that there will be to regulation the side high-quality courts. and the local 261 and training foundation is providing labor, construction, and of course it will be on the south lawn of the plaza and will be open in just a few weeks. >> and local 9 year-old that a che successfully swam
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from alcatraz to san francisco. if he did eight in 41 minutes the young swimmer had planned and ending at a party and a closer at the golden cledeet yacht club, 2-miles, know he wants to repeat this alcatraz swim when his tenure as old. he is going to do it without a wet suit. >> coming up five, airport privacy, the san jose man says that the tea as a procedures are a sexual assault. back to work,-t s.a.-test >> and collision on capitol hill. what is going to happen before the new session, begins? >> parking problems, it could take a parking problprivileges away parking privileges away. >> the golden gate as it starts to get darker. nice warm evening traffic in both both directions is looking good. fifth
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live, from the bay area's news station this is the kron 4 news of 5:00 p.m. >> and kron 4 has a closer look at a security procedures and they say that these are vital for national security. and the boycott that has been put on a big problem in your travel plans. >> this backlash with travelers, and as pat down are performed on people that refused to undergo a full down electronic scanner. >> the security checkpoint as security 8 at the san jose international airport. this is where the feeder have to go to the full body scan or a pat down. this is where the paser


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